I have 2 computers at home. They are connected to a router and then to the internet through a cable modem.

Neither of them has a problem with Internet access. I can ftp to other computers using both of them from the command line.

What do I need to do to ftp files back and forth to eachother?

machine 1 : windows me
machine 2 : windows xp

windows xp machine can't pingitself or the windows me machine

windows me machine can't ping the windows xp machine (but can ping itself)

Is there some fundamental concept that I am missing?
Is there some software configuration that I need to change?

What do I need to do to ftp files back and forth between these two machines?


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Why FTP them back and forth? Why not just run the Home Networking Wizard and be done with it? That way, you'd look in My Network Places, and your shares would be there.

When you're talking about XP Home, or ME, installing an FTP daemon on either will be a kludge. I'm going to move this thread over to the Networking forum, where it will get more attention, because this is more involved than just installing a particular program.

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