i just want ,what i need to setup an ISP medium scale,all the hardware stuff

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what i need to setup an ISP medium scale,all the hardware stuff

A heck of a lot of asprin? :mrgreen:

Seriously though, you need to give us a lot more information on exactly what you're planning before we can really give you any helpful information. For instance, you didn't even mention what type(s) of service you're planning on offering.


I too am interested if you know much about setting up myself as a ISP for a 6 Mile range to start and grow from there. I am looking at WAN hoping that it is cheaper. I have looked into Dlinks 108Mbps hardware with the 15db outdoor antenna but their tech was unsure if using an 108Mbps AP with the 15db antenna would communicate with a 108Mbps bridge with a 2.5db antenna. Anyways any help or information concerning this would be greatly appreciated. I have an Intel server already with Gb ethernet port.

If wired would be cheaper for say a 1-2 mile range i also have available:
1- 16port repeater, 1- 12 port hub, 1- 16 port hub.

Sorry almost forgot... I want to provide a fast internet connection to a minimum of 75-100 homes and will grow from there.

Thank you in advance.

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