HI all, I'm having a lot of trouble finding out these routing tables using RIP Protocol as I'm really unfamiliar with it

Routers M and N use the RIP routing protocol
The original routing table in M is:

Destination Distance Route
Net 1 0 direct
Net 2 0 direct
Net 3 10 L
Net 4 7 A
Net 5 2 N
Net 6 5 C
Net 7 14 J

Router N sends its table to M:

Destination Distance
Net 2 1
Net 3 8
Net 4 8
Net 25 8
Net 8 15
Net 9 14
Net10 0

Show the contents of the routing table in M after it has been revised to reflect the information from N.

what are you actually trying to find out ??? ...... what routers are these(cisco/juniper....) ??? can you be bit more specific

if you want to see the contents of routing table then tell me what kind of routers you are using?

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