This problem has been reported before on this site, but I couldn't find a "successful" fix.

I am encountering an intermittent "disconnect" with the "A Cable Connection is Unplugged" message... Recently I replaced a 4-port DLink 604 (non-wireless) router with a Netgear Ruckus "wireless" 4 port router. Worked fine for several weeks, and now "BANGO!" Affects my other LAN computer on the home network as well.. Any latebreaking suggestions? Thanks

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Many thinks can happen:
1) the cable has been softly broken so, depending on the cable position teh link is broken
2) the port on the computer lan card is configured to a distinct rate, protocol, recovery errors, or any of a lot of parameters possible, than the port on the router.
3) The lan card on the computer has benn broken
4) The port on the router has been broken
5) The cable goes near a generator of electromagnetism and is not folded or shielded
6) ....

The only cheap way to solve the issue is replacing one thing and testing, then, if fails, change one other thing and test again until a solution is found.

Hope this helps


After searching for trouble reports elsewhere, I discovered that this Netgear Router is a total piece of junk... so I dumped it where one usually puts the junk.... I was also truly disheartened with trying to get any support from NetGear... After 30 minutes of blathering and attempting to understand the two techies from India, they finally referred me to GEARHEAD, who then told me I could buy support for 69.95 for a year, or $36 for this one time support... I subsequently replied to a NetGear feedback request, and told them this story... I personally would never EVER consider another NETGEAR Router. The product has proven defective since it's initial release.



I hope your switch port on particular port has been configured on SWitch and blocking your Port Number from Switch check if there is any Int fa01 in switch is configured and check where your system ip lies on switch in which Interface of FastEthernet (Int Fa01 or 02 or 03 or 04 or 05 or 06 or 07 etc).

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