I am having a problem with the configuration setup, I am working in a organization in which ( DHCP) (DNS) (ISA server)- Gateway

Ip to wireless Router i.e. Static Ip (

  1. I have configured the router by dhcp configuration , but not working.
    can anyone suggest whether to configure through dhcp mode or static ?

  2. And if static, what may be the ip settings of it?

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Need to get a better understanding of what isn't working? Can you access the router? Does it boot? Does it get an external IP from the network DHCP?

My guess is this: Since linksys default to an internal LAN of, you probably have the same internal and external LAN. Maybe the linksys doesn't like it.

Disconnect from the network. Connect your PC to the inside lan of the linksys. Your PC should get an IP from the linksys on Conenct to the linksys at Change the internal LAN subnet to something else... like just so it's different than the office lan. Save and restart. Connect it all back up. Connect to the router on (or whatever you chose) and verify it still has statically assigned on the outside. You should be able to connect though it now.

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In addition, make sure you disable the dhcp service and wireless. Your organization's network team isn't going to appreciate it very much when your device issues IP leases to other network hosts on the LAN.

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