Easy installation
Lots of options
dual band
USB sharing
4 guest networks per band
nice setup menus that look good and easy to navigate
lots of security support
connections are solid

Cons: only thing is lack of print server, other than that it's perfect.

Other Thoughts: This AMPED WIRELESS! access point has hardcore coverage!! I can stream a youtube vid from 150 ft away from the AP (outside down the road) with not much effort. That alone makes it worth it. Also this is good for xbox live gaming as well... worked just as good as a wired connection from 35 ft away (the AP is upstairs) (there were also 3 walls a heavy staircase, and a dropped ceiling in the way as well). I am very impressed. I get 4 to 5 bars through the whole house. even penetrates thru the tricky walls.

Note that my house is mixed construction from varying years. It was built in 1910 and has had several renovations spanning several decades so it's got a diverse mix of materials and densities. Some walls are plaster and very thick. I also have dropped ceilings in 3 rooms.

this should have went in the review section... oh well... ;-)

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