I am having a couple of different issues. Here's my situation... if anyone has any input, it would be greatly appreciated.

1) A couple of days ago, while I was working on the wi-fi at Panera, I lost internet access.
2) When I went home thereafter, I was able to connect to our home wi-fi network, but still could not access the internet. "No internet access" it said.
3) My husband's computer (which is on the same wi-fi network as #2 above) has had no problems connecting to our wireless network at home or to the internet at any time this week.
4) I found a post online that suggested McAfee's recent updates may have had something to do with losing internet access, so I uninstalled McAfee two days ago. After the uninstall (and probably changing some internet/networking settings as well, per posts I read), I was able to access the internet again, however only under these conditions: a) only through Mozilla -- IE/Chrome still do not work, and b) only on a wi-fi network outside my home, or with a hard connection to my network in my home.

Why is this happening? This set of conditions under which I can get internet access just seem so strange to me, as if maybe there are multiple issues here? I've put so many hours into researching this online and cannot come up with anything. Also, then I tried to re-download McAfee and it's saying I don't have internet access to do that, which is strange, because I'm on the internet right now!

Thanks for any assistance --

Sounds like you may have some malware lingering. While you may feel protected with a typical AV client, they are not 100% on target with Malware. Its a good practice to use various different anti-malware apps to help you keep malware off of your computer.

I would try to run a scan using MalwareBytes. Its free and you can download it from another computer, copy it to a USB stick and plug that into your PC. Run a full scan, look at the results.

Even after I use MalwareBytes, I tend to like using another Free app called HitMan Pro. If it finds any additional malware and cleans it, it then goes into a limited trial period. As long as your compuer is clean, HitMan pro continues to run on an unlimited trial period. There are other anti-malware apps that are great. These are the two that I like to use, but do your research. The point is that security is best when its layered like an onion. Aside from anti-malware apps, there are many things you can do to protect your OS...

-Dont click on links in emails from people you dont know.

-Use a strong, complex password on your computer account as well as internet sites you visit.

-Install a "smart-screening" / "web reputation" plug-in so that before your browser opens a web site, it first checks in the "cloud" whether the target website has been recently identified as having malware (even legit sites get hacked).

Okay, I ran MalwareBytes - full scan - no malware. Thanks for the tip though! Any other suggestions?

Hi K7i5t3n,
I'm suspecting a proxy configuration issue on the two browsers (IE and Chrome). To change this configuration on Chrome, open your Chrome browser and type chrome://chrome/settings/ then click on show advanced settings . Under the Network option, click on Change Proxy Settings, the Internet Properties window will come up. Click on Local Area Network connection settings. Ensure that the only checked option is the one for Automatically Detect Settings. Click on OK. You should now be able to connect without any problems. Please note you can also accomplish the above via Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections.

Hmm, perplexing. Still not working after checking the proxy settings. :(

When you checked the proxy settings, were any proxies enabled?

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