I will try and keep a long story short!

I am a web designer from the UK but live abroad although I have a reseller package hosted in the UK. One of my sites is a classifieds Ad site which is database driven. The site has been uploaded and working properly for a few months now but all of a sudden when I try and and access the site I get the dreaded "The page cannot be displayed", and for a few days now it is intermitent, one day it is on the next it is off.

The confusing thing is that on the island where I live everyone else has the same problem, but in the UK it is fine. My server hosts can see it in the UK and state that the probem is with my ISP. I have done a Traceroute to the site which is timing out on three hops if that makes any sense and does point the finger at my ISP, but what confuses me is that I can access all of my other sites and anything else for that matter, the same goes for everyone else in the location that I live.

Another odd side to this is that at the same time as my site going down, my server hosts were doing maintenance on the servers although they have been extremely useless in offering any advise and seem only interested in the fact that the problem is not with them

Any help or advise would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I highly doubt that this is a problem related to MySQL, specifically, so I am going to move your thread to the network configuration forum where I think you'll get better responses.