ok im not very good with networking andi was wondering if some 1 out there could help me please.

i have 1 computer & 2 lap tops that need to be connected. All have windows XP. the laptops are a Sony VAIO and a DELL inspiron1150. the router is a linksys router B and i have 2 pcmcia cards. i first installed the network about 6 months ago (between the computer and the dell laptop) now i have to add the sony laptop to the network. the Dell one is working fine, but im having problems with the sony 1, the pcmica card is installed and connected, but i cant select "connect" in the Linksys window. im sure it is connected but i cant access the internet as on the main linkys window it says "you are connected to the access point, but the internet cannot be found". ive tried to match all the settings (wireless network connection, internet tools & local area connection) between the dell and the sony laptop but its still not working.

can any one help me please. thank you

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on the sony laptop there is also some network connections like (1394 net adaptor and a Network Bridge) can some 1 tell me what these are please?


i seem to be goin on and on but when u click on the wireless network on the sony laptop i can see that its sending packets but its not receiving packets

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