hello...im hakim from malaysia...

my customer have HP server proliant DL380G5...the password have missing and how to hackng or something to release the locked account that server...please help me...i urgent.

by the ways,thanks...friends..

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Please read the rules - in particular: "Do not ask for help to pursue any illegal activity including, but not limited to, hacking..."

It's very difficult to know if your request is genuine or you are just trying to access something you shoulnd't be. It's also very hard for our members to offer you help without breaking the rules as a result...


So why did you then, after posting your apology, post the exact same question both in this forum and another? Both have now been deleted, by the way, as will any further duplicates...


admin....i have that problem....now i want to resolve the problem....can you help me...
i donno how to release the locked account server

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