I would like to know the process or procedure for how one goes about aquiring a CCNA certificate. Also, do you get one certificate at for all 4 CCNA's in the Exploration program or is it 4 individual ones? And how does Pearson VUE come into play? This information would be much appreciated from anyone who's been there or is there.

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The process of acquiring a certification is as follows:

Study for the test, pay for the exam, pass the exam.

There aren't any out of the ordinary special requirements for the CCNA. You may want to visit their website for me details for each certification.


I understand the details of each one and that I must study of course, but is it one certificate on its own in the end or 4?


It's called CCNA Exploration, you get that and the CCNA Discovery versions. But I'll do some more research, thanks though.


I think that CCNA Exploration has four modules that you have to pass when attending a CCNA course. The CCNA exam is something different, you have to apply for it (you don't need to attend the course). There are two ways for obtaining your CCNA certification:

  1. by passing the CCNA 200-120 exam
  2. by passing the ICND1 200-101 exam and ICND2 200-101 exam

Note that the CCNA 200-120 exam covers all the topics of the two ICND exams.

Source: http://ccna-study-guide.com/ccna-exam/

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