For the past few days am having an unexplained problem with my network connection when I connect on another pc on my lan to copy files from there to my pc. Once I click paste on my pc, my network's sent packets gets accelerated to such an extent that it goes like 12,000,000,000 and am unable to complete the paste operation as I get disconnected and need to restart my pc to be able to use the internet or access other lan pcs again. Also this occurs time and again when copying files from other pcs.
Anyone can help me on how to solve this problem?

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Can you explain this in more detail, when you say 12 billion packets, do you mean the number show on the connection in windows?

Also re-explain this: "I connect on another pc on my lan to copy files from there to my pc." , i dont quite get what you're trying to say there.

have you scanned for malware on the offending pc?

@ryan461: yes this shows in my Local area connection window.
Concerning "I connect on another pc on my lan to copy files from there to my pc." I mean that I map a network drive to access a shared folder on another computer on my lan network, and from there on I copy the files I need to my own computer for use.

@Temmu: did a scan with panda but it did not return any viruses/threats in the results

Sounds like a Denial of service attack to be honest. Make sure you scan the machine your copying from. Try malwarebytes as well.

yes, malwarebytes.
it's scan engine is different (and imho better) than others.

Try running Wireshark on the new computer to see the details about the traffic. You'll be able to determine if the machine is trying to send out spam once it has an Internet connection, and you can see where that traffic is destined, as well as any other outbound connections the system is attempting to initiate.

ooo wireshark! yummy!

it's got a bit of a learning curve, but google youtube for tutorials

thanks for the inputs guys, could not really got to the bottom of this, but did get some malware when scanned with malwarebytes and now flooding occurs less frequently compared to past

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