What are the requirements to take the CCNA test?

I've purchased the book and I'll be spending a large majority of my time studying independently. I'm wondering though, is taking a CCNA course a prerequisite to taking the test or is it just recommended?


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You can take the CCNA cert no problem, just got to register for it. LaMouche's way is to take the two individual ICND1 and 2 but I think it depends on the person's liking. Studying for the CCNA you should use packet tracer and google ccna scenario and try to practice the commands. When I took the CCNA, a huge part were the four simulation. Good luck :D


You have to do a practical skills test though....

I'm doing the first cisco module ATM (exploration?). There are a number of Online tests n the one practical for me... But I'm doing it at a college.


word of advice, Cisco is a lot of hands on and the tests are not easy. use as many labs as you can


Yup agreed. We do the packet tracer exercise but on actual kit, so we learn the commands.

I would most likely take a lot of adive from I.E. jbennet since he's actively in the course now and will have the newest knowledge on the tests if you're thinking of getting the certification right after self study. I took my exam back in 2003 and sometimes active in cisco and sometimes not, but wouldn't say i can pass the test, but just built an enterprise network from scratch and all cisco equipment. do whatever hints the reading material gives you and unlike Microsoft i've never seen Cisco give stupid trick questions to make you think another answer. hope that helps any


ive never seen Cisco give stupid trick questions

Well thats exactly what they are doing now with me :)


Hi ,i am studying for CCNA and CCNP. what are the requirements for it and how much basic education is need for...Thanks .........

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