My boss gave me this wireless router. I looked it up on newegg and it's like $70. So I was all exited to hook it up. Then I was unable to log in to it using on my desktop computer.

I tried to get help on Every time I click on a link I get an error message. I tried from two different computers. I can get to the support page for this particular router. But none of the links work. I wonder if anyone else who owns this model of router could help?

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so you have it working ,you just cant log into it via the ip address correct ,did it come with the setup cd .

The internal ip address of te router is going to be the same as your computer's default gateway. From the workstation, in a command prompt, type Ipconfig, hit enter.

Open a browser and access the router via IP. You should be printed for username and password. If you do not have it, then perform a reset to defaults in the router and follow the router's documentation for setup.

Some routers could not be open with other browsers then Internet explorer. Dir 655 have "admin" as user, and blank as Password if it is new.

look on the bottom of the router ,its there but needs to be typed in exact ,and usually needs IE browser .

or it also says on the bottom of mine[different model ] it says you can also use http://dlinkrouter

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