I can't access my web site or host provider. When I did a TraceRoute the results where;

Tracing route to <domain> over a maxiumum of 30 hops
1 General Failre

Can this be resolved, it can it be put out, as in trying to accesses my web site for up to 48-72 hrs. It only happens on the computer I'm on at this moment.

Looks like there is a problem with TCP/IP on that computer. Is this a Windows system?

I've resolved this issue in the past by removing the NIC from device manager, letting the system rescan and install the NIC again.

When did this start happening? Do you recall an event that could be related to when this happened such as software being installed, new drivers, patches?

it looks like you are a victim of your own server's counter measure called cpHulk brute force lock-out . If you can't access your server with your browser, ftp client, or any other means coming from your IP address, you must contact your host to make an exemption for your IP. Sometimes, execessive FTP failed connection attempt using php or ftp client can lock you out of your own account.

Number one cause of this is too many authentication failures..

I don't remember how to do this anymore, but you need to use other IP and access your server as root.

You will have to search or just contact your hosting provider.. I am not sure about the codes below, but you can try using different IP maybe your neighbor's.. connect using the PUTTY login as root.

Command below applies ONLY to people with shell access.. If you don't have it, let your host do the clearing for you.


mysql cphulkd

I am not sure with the following command try all of them

delete from bruteforce;


delete from brute;


delete from brutes;

one of those command should work, and followed by this command

delete from login;


delete from logins;

hit enter...

Go back to the computer where you locked-out and try connecting again.

Logon to your cpanel and look for the server logs.. locate all of your failed authentication attempts..

I raised this issue with my host, I was informed they can't do nothing since I don't have a static IP address, that was a few months ago and the problem is still happening, it recently happened yesterday for twenty-four hours. Another computer connected to the same router, has no problems, everything works. I don't have PuTTy access either.

check your putty configurations. try setting them on default if they have been changed

It could have to do with the putty configuration, I tried to log into putty, and I'm unable to connect to my site, only a few minutes later, as stated in the original post. Can anyone verify this ? I want to know specifically what is the cause, now it's leaning towards a Putty issue.

I don't know what my host is doing about it, it has happened twice in less then 24 hours. At the time of writing this message, I can't access the host domain, neither can I access my own email etc. If they would open up pUTTY access to me, would make things easier.

My Web Host informed me that if I log into my email more then once in a minute, I can be blocked out, this make sense ?