Hi, I am not really good in math, have very little algebra under my belt. I am starting college this fall to gain an Associate in Applied Science in Computer Information Technology. Eventually leading to a Network Administrator, but in the mean time I will being working as PC Tech, Network Tech, that sort of route. Should I take a math corse? I got a C in Basic Algebra in early years in college.

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If you don't feel confident in your maths you can always be tought online instead of spending money on a maths course. It all depends on if you think you need to improve at maths and if it will affect you throught your career if you don't.

Re: Bad at Math 80 80

Does the college track require it? There's not much need to pull out a paper and pencil to perform actual calculations on the job. Even in networking, there are subnet calculators to help with calculations. However this doesn't mean you shouldn't strengthen your math skills.

Try khanacademy.org.

Re: Bad at Math 80 80

Basic math (including algebra) is critical for any science or engineering/computer-oriented career. I won't hire staff that doesn't have at least a good foundation up to a mid-level algebra, even for low-level positions. Even if you find it difficult, if you are motivated, you will find the resources that will help you though the hard parts, and once you start to "get it", it will become a LOT easier.

One other thing, a course in formal logic would not be remiss either. In my career as a software engineer, that one course has helped me more than all the calculus and such that I ever took! If computers are nothing else, they are totally based upon logic...

In any case, an Associates degree in applied science implies, to me at least, that you have basic math and science skills and training. Math is the foundation of ALL science. More is definitely better in this case!

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