Can anyone help me with this problem. I have a Dell Inspiron 2200 and it seems that the wireless card has somehow got switched off, it worked ok one day and the next day it didn't! I've tried contacting Dell but my warranty has just ended so they won't help me. I can connect to the internet if I plug in a cable between the wireless router and the laptop but it goes off when I unplug it. Tiscali have checked it out for me and the broadband connection to my house is good. What do I do?

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Thanks for the quick reply targ8
The link said
"It may be that you need to turn your wireless card on. Most laptops have a feature where you press "Fn" and "F2" at the same time to ensure the wireless card is on. If that is not the problem, you might try going to a terminal, logging in as root, and issuing the commands " ifdown eth0" minus the quotation marks and "ifup wlan0" minus the quotation marks. Hopefully this helps!"

I'll try pressing "Fn" and "F2" buttons (if I can find them) when I get home from work tonight, as for the rest of it...................is it English??? 'cus I haven't a clue what it means!! Hopefully the "Fn" and "F2" stuff will work

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