My husband and I are going to Dubai, I heard that many websites are blocked there, So I'm looking for a cheap and reliable vpn service, Any help would be appreciated.

I study online frequently but come a time it's difficult for me to access web browser,specially in the united state so i wish if you could help me with a cheap and reliable vpn,i will be very gradeful.

You might want to make sure you do the following if you are still unable to see Geographically Blocked sites such as Hulu, Fox and others.

  1. Are you on Windows 7 and using OpenVPN?

Please note - Make sure you start OpenVPN as Administrator, do this by right clicking on the OpenVPN software and choose "Run as Administrator" it then should allow you to surf as expected.

(before you do this make sure to exit out of the software all the way)

2.) Make sure you are on the VPN - Go to www.strongvpn.com and make sure you see a USA Flag at the top of the page.

Are you able to see these sites?

If so go to step 6..

Hi Bruk,
Welcome to Dubai, I live in Dubai and I'm also using vpn to access blocked websites,
I purchased my account from saturn vpn: http://saturnvpn.com
It's cheap and reliable, I haven't had any problem so far. and the support is great and helpful.
1Month $3.3 , 3months $7, 12 Month $16
saturnvpn has free test account, and you can test the service before you pay.
You can use one account on 2 devices at the same time.

Good luck and wish you have good time in Dubai

Lot's of VPN providers out there.

My 2 cents:

Try to find one that doesn't keep logs.

You can usually find an openvpn provider that accepts monthly payments instead of prepaying for a year.

Thank you all, And Special thanks to AhmendEL, I could connect using saturn vpn trial account, And I bought an account for 3 months($7) Hope I wont have any problem in Duabi.

this is a great site proxy to unblocking website : ffw.webmoha.com

this is a great proxy to unblocking website:prox2you

I've been happy using Private Tunnel for the past year or so.

The best VPN experience I had in a very long time https://www.waselpro.com/en/ . I managed to hide my IP adress and unblock websites directly with just one click application. It is not easy to find a real good VPN provider.

It happens when you open website from different countries its get blocked due to IP address. I have face this issue as well.. I use Hotspot Shield to unblock websites its free but work bit slow.. Through paid VPNs you can unblock website with secure access. I would suggest you StrongVPN, LiquidVPN, PureVPN, ibVPN and many more you can search on google or if you have now time then visit bestvpnservice.com to find low cost VPN service providers.

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well , if you ask me (a guy who's living in a country with most complex filtering systems a.k.a Iran)

I'd suggest that you should find a "Kerio VPN" provider around the net , and buy a monthly subscription .

I actually get a server for myself each month to prevent any eavesdropping .

I think for virtual private network you should opt for hotspot shield its free and reliable also

Instead of using VPN you can use also Proxy site. Many proxy sites are there. Visit the sites through proxy server. It is also free.

Proxies are free but these are not secure..

I think hotspot shield is 100 percent secure

Never Trust a free version of any VPN. High chance of your data being stolen.

How can you be so sure micjustin33

You can search about this.. I read on different forums and communities and got the same reply about free vpn.. nobody is in favor of free VPN..

But micjustin33 i have reviewed hotspot shield in many places i have found it is very secure i think the free vpn sites are not safe but hotspot shield i think is pretty much secure!

I agree with micjustin33,
VPN providers have to pay for the bandwidth and their other expenses so when it comes to free VPN,they are more likely to log your activities and serve contextual ads while you're connected. They're also more likely to use your usage habits to tailor future ads to you and all will lead to weak commitments to privacy so if logging and privacy are important to you, you may want to avoid them.
Currently I config my VPS as VPN server for personal use only, however I had a good experience with purevpn, ibv,.... and I'm sure you can find tons of old and reliable names that takes your anonmity seriously.

I've been using this VPN provider http://www.doublevpn.com/en/ for over a year and it always helps me access Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and all the other sites that may be blocked by your internet service provider. I can also download Torrents and hide my IP with this vpn. Highly recommended! :)

You can always remote desktop to your pc at home and use that.

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