Hi, im a student in a college studying Computing... so some how i feel i should know this :D anyhow since i dont i thought maybe some of u could help. For my dad im trying to create a small home server running XP, however Windows Server 2003 is also a possiblity, however i dont know anything about 2003.

To the point... i have all the computers connecting to the internet through the "server", but i would like the server to catch any viruses, spam, etc before it reaches the other pcs how do i do this? i tried using various software but i think its all wrong:D... please help im so fustrated already :D haha



That's really a tall order for a home type of server.

Normally, in an Enterprise environment, all of that is done by proxy servers. For Server 2003, that would mean ISA server. For the spam, that would be a feature of Exchange Server.

In your case, you'd probably spend your time more fruitfully on examining some kind of solution like Norton Internet Security that filters all of that stuff out on the client. For a small setup like yours, that provides the best protection, and it's still reasonable to configure.

Hi thanx for your reply... i found a home user type software that its $89... it creates a mail server and filters the email that it downloads from hotmail or gmail etc.. also include firewall and antivirus....

www.software602.com i'll be using this on my server coz its free for up to 5 users perfect for what i need and i tested it and it works.

Thanks anyhow