Hey guys,

This question is pointed at the guys working with voip.

Here's the story,
One of my client brought me an ATA device telling me there is no more dial tone.
I check the hardware and no physical damage.
So i tried to enter the admin section.
Did * * * * to access the device and get the ip, but the line cut.
The 2 phone lines are basicly dead.
So i get the ip from the router and connect on it via the GUI, suprisingly it work.
The original setup configuration from our company wasn't change.

My 1st though was, since the GUI admin was working, i must be an hack.
I've check the net and i found a kill idle, but that shouldn't affect the admin section.

So my 2nd though, my device is dead.

What do you guys think, my device is dead by natural cause :P or dead by hack ?
If you guys find anything on firmware hack, let me know, i'm still looking.
Of course 1 ATA doesn't require to go underground.

thx guys.

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Is this Nortel ATA (Meridian) Needs input for output.

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Is this Nortel ATA (Meridian) Needs input for output.

so far i have 2 returns now.

cisco spa122 => admin GUI not responding, even on the lan at
linksys pap2t => phone jack ligne cuts, can't access * * * *

i've talk to our supplier and he didn't seem supprised, so i guest my software thinking side panic for nothing. So i'm supposed to return them to cisco for RMA.

thx for the reply thu, appreciated

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