we have a mysql databse running on redhatlinux platform and it acts as the server and i am trying to connect to that database from my windows machine via eclipse by giving the ip address of the host, but connection not establising.
could someone please help me out??!!


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What is the error message?

Before you can access this resource over the network, be sure that the service is up and running and you can connect to it from the same server. Make sure this server (linux) is not running any type of local firewall filtering out traffic.

You may want to take a look at this article which configures the server to allow remote connections..


You can also try to connect to the mysql instance from the Windows computer using a telnet session.

for example, if you have the telnet client installed on Windows, type telnet ip_address 3306. If you get a blinking cursor, that means you were able to connect. If not, it will time out and that would mean you were not able to establish a connection with port 3306 which is what mysql will listen on, if im not mistaken.


Is the server listening on 3306 for the mysql service? You can check with "netstat -lanp | grep 3306"

Can you telnet to this port from the workstation? For windows use "telnet <server IP> 3306".

Do you know the DB to which you want to connect? HAve you assigned rights in mysql to allow the certain user@workstation to connect to the database. You must use a "GRANT ALL on dbname.tablename to 'user'@'workstation' identified by <password>;" && "flush privileges;" before a user can connect from anywhere.

From windows... you can use MySQL Workbench (free program) to test connectivity to the remote host. If you do anything with Mysql, you should have this utility anyway.

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