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Hi kofispark and welcome to Daniweb. I'm sure you won't get much help regarding how you can hack a wifi from this forum. And while I'm sure that some people can hack passwords, I should think it would require a really good snippet of code and a lot of time give that passwords can contain caps, lowercase, digits, and special characters.

I do not support hacking of passwords, even if you say it's your own and you've forgotten it. For all I know it's your neighbor's password and you're looking for a free internet ride or worse.


There are plenty of resources on the web for this - just do some Googling... FWIW, it is pretty easy to crack WEP encryption, but not so easy for WPA.

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Hopefully you are asking because you lost your router password :) and not really trying to hack. If so, you could just perform a hard reset on your router which will take it back to factory settings.

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