Can anyone answer this question:

Suppose that node A is directly connected to node B by a link having bandwidth 10 Mbps. Suppose also that the link is 1km., the propogation delay is 2 x 10^8 meters/sec, and that each transmitted packet has 1000 bytes. Assume no queuing delay. What is the delay between the time node A begins to transmit one packet and the time that the last bit of the packet has been received at node B? What is the total time for A to send 10 packets to B if A transmits continuously? Assume now that there are 3 routers between A and B so that the end to end path is A>R1>R2>R3>B with 4 total links. Each link is 1 km in length. Again answer 2 questions previously posed.

If someonw could help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it. Also if I could see the equaltion used to come up with the answer, that would be very helpful as well.


This sounds very much like homework. The benefit you will get from answering yourself after having thought through the problem will far outweigh any outright answer we provide.

To start, work out how long it takes to send a single bit. Then, how many bits can fit on the line at one time. Then, given those two answers, how long will it take to send all the bits you have?

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