Hey guys,

I need to back up 15gigs of pictures, videos, etc from one computer to another. though i know nothing about networking, i'd prefer to do this wirelessly since i have a router and a wireless card and such. also, i used to have a wireless filesharing network set up, but has since stopped working for reasons unknown. I can't remember for the life of me how to set it up again. i've been trying for several weeks with no success. i cant seem to get the computers to recognize each other.

someone suggested that i get a crossover cable and send it that way. well i got a crossover cable and havent got a clue what to do with it.

both machines have Windoes XP (the receiving has home, the sending has pro). i've run the network set up wizard and the wireless network set up wizard multiple times on both machines and they are in the same work group and filesharing is turned on on both, but they still dont recognize each other.

today, i actually got them somewhat regcognized. the recieving sees both itself and the sending computer when i click on "view workgroup computers" but i noticed that on the sending computer, whenever i clicked that, My Network Places stopped responding.

i am utterly clueless as to why it doesnt work. if you guys have any suggestions or step by step instructions on how to do this or even a better way to transfer 15gigs, please let me know


yeah, my network places is kinda buggy
sometimes if you leave it for ages its ok

the crossover cable is the best way to go as wireless is slowwwwwww

i suppose you could always burn your files to DVD - youd need 2 or 3 only if you got good ones and a DVD burner is under £50

I agree, wireless would take forever. But if you really don't want to buy a DVD burner, just do it with the cross over cable.

Funny thing, HD DVD drives aren't even standard and they're starting to sell Blue ray disc drives for desktops and laptops. Blue Ray Disk, that just rolls off the tounge.

well i got a crossover cable and tried it, but they STILL wouldnt recognize each other. in the end, i just ended up using my 1GB flashdrive to transfer the stuff. it was a painfully slow and repetitive process (one of the comps only has USB 1.1 ports), but it worked. i wiped it and reinstalled windows and now i've gotta transfer it all back. i'm gunna try to do the wireless thing, but in the event that doesnt work, i'l just use my flashdrive again.

thanks anyway


Setup a folder to share or just share that folder/files over the network by right clicking the folder going to properties and clicking share this folder on a network and setup from there . I agree with everyone here though it is slow.