My house got 4 ppl using one router to connect to internet. the router got 4 ports for each of the 4 PC. Some of them use bitcomet to download movies. Therefore, sometime when i play online game called dota in blueserver, it is so laggy and delay. I am damn piss off. I politely tell them to reduce the amount of movies to download. They do so.

However, it is no a long term solution. Now, I tired of begging them to do so when i play online game next time.
1) I would like to know if there is anyway I can regulate the the router's transfer rate manually designated for each PC's connection. Is it where called the TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) should be setup manualy to achieve this goal?

In the end, I just want a fair share transfer rate for each of the PC connection. I hate it when one of the ppl overtake all the connection in the house.

Do you know how to do it. If you do, pls teach me. Thank you very much.

From, An IT noob.

well there are a few ways you can go with this. what you are looking to do is throttle bandwidth.

you can a) install a program on all the computers and then apply the rules in the program. (

b) buy a hardware packeteer packetshaper (got 1k to drop just to play games?)

c)setup a linux box and use a free one.

anyway, this seems like alot of work just to play a game... why not just play when they are not dling?

10x, i think i will opt for the 3rd advise due to buget limit and the embrassment of 1st option. I will try. and tell u how it is once i done. Anyway 10x for helping me.