Our company has a large wan. We are using Novell client 4.91 service pack1
When a user logs into our network at our one facility, they have no problems whatsoever. The users have the LDAP and SLP entered into their ws's in the Novell Client properties for contexless login
When the same user goes to our other facility they cannot login, they get the "tree or server cannot be found" error
When the Novell client properties are checked, specifically the slp settings, all the slp and DA entries are stripped out. When they are added back in the user can login without any problems.
Why are these entries being removed when they are previously entered, what is it about our other facility that would remove the slp and DA entries?

I have exhaustively tried to find an answer to this with no luck
any help would be greatly appreciated.

This sounds like a profile problem. Is there an Active Directory server or Novell spoof of Profile services at the main site, and is it reachable at the other site? Could the user be logging in locally and hence lose a bunch of settings which are stored under their network login profile on that (I guess) laptop?