Ok, so I got a domain name mapped to my WAN IP address on the router. Now, how do I know which port to open in order to make a network machine work as a revision control repository?

Here's the list of services my router gave me by default. I'll also throw in the controls my router gives me to add a service.

So, any advice?

What is the name of the software you are going to install for your revision control? Which ports does it operate on?

I've already toyed with TurtoiseCVS, subversion and cvsNT.
I was just wondering what port to open and listen to on the server, and in the same way which server ports the client should access in order to synchronize with the repository.

Anyways, I've abandonned this solution a while ago and have run out of motivation to find the answer. Otherwise, I would've researched this in the manuals for the respective apps and would've posted my finds here.