So I have a little vague question and I don't know what to even google to get right answer.

I am trying to setup email client on friend's computer remotely. I tried outlook, native windows 10 client and thunderbird, they all fail to connect server in anyway with all settings. While when I try any client on my PC, just basic settings like mail server, id, password work fine and after that I am able to retrieve configuration data. So what could be causing this behavior? Any steps to fix this or troubleshoot? Any help will be great.

Thank you.

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Thanks for quick reply.

After telnet test 'o mailserver 25', I got following error message

421 Cannot connect to SMTP server -------------, connect error 10060

Anything you can suggest to troubleshoot it further?

So this fails on both?

Anyhow, since you didn't share the email server or host I can't doublecheck or supply how it should work or if there might be a DNS issue.

DNS? Did you try it with the DNS you use? Or the Google DNS of

Remember I might assume you know that telnet test is for SMTP and not IMAP servers. That was noted in the articles I read from my link.

Sorry it just fails on pc with problem,

421 Cannot connect to SMTP server, connect error 10060

I figured avast was causing the issue, and found an article that suggests to clear ports from redirect settings of avast. But after doing telnet fails to connect to server with following message.

could not open connection to host on port 25.

Now it's starting to sound like the overreaching antivirus suite. I can't fix that. You or the antivirus folk have to tell you.

Again, no mention of the mail server so I can't check if the telnet check should work. I have to leave you to know this.

The final error message on your reply could be correct on both machines (as in fail) if the email server is imap or the DNS didn't resolve the server to an IP address.

Did you ping the server to see if the name resolved? Does the ping work the same on both machines?

Update: after removing all ports(I had left NNTP as it is) I am able to get configuration data. Thanks a lot.

Not to make it sound bad on your part. "Typical" overreaching antivirus suites.

That is, raise shields, don't pop up and ask if it's OK for the mail app to connect to where with what protocol, IP, port number etc.

I think this is the dumbing down of apps today. Don't scare the users with technical terms. Be silent and just fail.

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