Hello, my Dell Inspiron mini doesnt recognize any nearby wireless network. I am running it on windows 7, whenever i click on the right side of the taskbar it shows nothing. Although its not possible for any defect in my router as all my other device are working fine on it. I have tried to troubleshooting the problem but failed. Please help me in fixing this.

Thanks in advance..

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first ,did it ever work for you , not sure about your Dell but some have a button/switch on the case or keys to turn off wifi make sure its not turned off ,make sure drivers are installed for the wifi network device lookin device manager for that info


actually i recently installed router in my home before that i never notice that, and 'button/switch' i turned it on several times but nothing works. And can you please help how do i make sure that drivers are installed for the wifi network device by looking device manager, like the steps that i need to follow.


to get to device manager ,right click on mycomputer .go properties ,on the left you will see device manger ,click it ,scroll down to network adapters ,hit the + ,it should show at least 2 device ,one for the wired device and one for wifi ,it will have wifi writting in it , if it there right click on it ,go properties and go to power option and uncheck ,windows can turn this device off to save power ,save and exit

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