The problem with this is i'm sure it could be one of millions of things but i hope someone else has thought of something i havent.

Problem: I was using the internet then all of a sudden it cut off, and gave me the "limited to no connectivity". This is on my desktop computer which is hard wired to a hub then to the modem. I have tried:

-enable/disable, iprelease/renew, rollback driver, install new driver, tried different "fix" patches from microsoft(what they say if i have this prob), I even went as far as reformatting the computer and putting win xp back on. but nothing changes. tomorrow i'll head out and buy a new eithernet card to try that

thats really all i can think of now because it doesn't have anything to do with the connection. i'll take the cable from my computer with"limited to no conn." and plug it straight into my laptop and internet works just fine on the laptop.

any ideas? thanks

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your ISP maybe might be down?
Bad cable? - buy a new one and see
Are your IP settings correct (dhcp/fixed ip)


first off: Switch hub for switch.

Try connecting your computer directly to the modem. Does this work? If so, you know it's not your computer.

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