Hi all!
I have been picking up side work lately and have started making additions to an existing network at a business.
They have a router/switch Linksys supplying all of the desktop pcs with internet connectivity. The router has the internal addresses being leased from and up. I added a linksys wireless router to provide wireless access for the manager's laptop. The new router is coming off 1 of the ports from the existing router/switch. Upon connecting I was immediately able to get on the internet with the default settings in the wireless router and dhcp handing addresses from and up. Ok so here's the problem: There is a printer attached to a server on the internal network from the existing router/switch at I can't ping or find this pc when going through the wireless router I just set up. I also have a desktop plugged into one of the ports and it already had a shortcut to the printer but it of course doesnt work. I tried changing the new router coming off the other one to 192.168.100 instead of 192.168.1 and gave it a different range of addresses to hand out thinking that this was the problem but it ended up causing me to not even be able to access the internet. How do I need to set this up to be able to see the pcs on the existing network I am coming off of? I can access the internal router properties for the existing router and can see that its address has also been dynamically asssigned so I know it works. That router has a address and hands out addresses from there up to its connecting pcs. I have connected another router to one of this router's ports creating another network. How do I configure this linksys router's properties to enable the pcs behind it to see the pcs in the and up network?
1 more time, I have a linksys router attached to another linksys router and i want the pcs behind the second router to see the ones connect to the first. Do they all have to be in same address range or can the first stay in the 192.168.100 and the second network coming off be in the 192.168.1. range? I saw some properties in the router that mentioned static routes is that perhaps what I need? Any help would be much appreciated and live chat through messenger or googletalk would be even better!!!
I might be willing to pay for some good help!
Thanks in advance.
Memphis, Tn
msn messenger id: djbigalmemphis@hotmail.com

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to make the pcs on one side of the router see the ones on the other i think you need to change the settings on one of the routers from router to gateway and disable NAT but dont take my word for it if its for something important

to make the pcs on one side of the router see the ones on the other i think you need to change the settings on one of the routers from router to gateway and disable NAT but dont take my word for it if its for something important

Ah, I was looking in the static route section and didn't understand that router/gateway drop-down. So by enabling it as only a gateway, which would likely automatically disable NAT, do the pcs connected to that router then get addresses from the first router instead?

yeah in theory it should make the router act more like a transparent switch

The consumer model routers usually work well as long as they are connected properly. (connect the WAN connection on the WiFi router to the LAN side on existing network. One question that hasn't been addressed yet is if there was any sort of software running on the PC's that may be blocking traffic from different subnets. Windows XP comes with Windows Firewall. This software can cause strange things to happen on your network. BTW, how many nodes are on this network?

Yes I checked the firewall situation. Around 8 nodes. I think its this advanced routing section of this linksys router. I also should probably try turning off the dhcp. I'm going to give it a shot tommorrow.

yeah forgot about the DHCP

Also, check if there is something in the router that says Enable RIP_1 or something to that effect... a wap I recently worked on had two drop down boxes with information pertaining to RIP.

RIP will automatically talk with other routers on your network, and periodically recieve updated information from them...

if i'm off key here, let me know...

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