I have 2 comp running XP Professional SP2, a Linksys router, Alcatel USB DSL modem and I want to share internet. How do I connect them? I understand I need to connect modem to USB port in one of the computers, run a network cable from this computer to the internet port of the router, run a network cable from comp2 to the router. Should I bridge the connections (Local Area) and ISP"S? If I leave on auto detecting settings it does not work. What should I do?

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Get rid of the USB modem and replace it with an Ethernet one is my suggestion. In fact, an all-in-one ADSL modem/router/firewall unit can now be purchased for not much more than the USB modem would have cost anyway, and that's by far the best piece of equipment to have!

solved the problem without buying new modem, although I'd love to be able to share a printer.

Is there a reason you can't share the printer? Or do you just need some help on how to do it?

Catnip, my problem is caused by a wrong modem purchase. I should have bought a ethernet one instead of USB. The fact is that, in order to share the internet, I have to feed the router from one computer and then connect the other normally to the router. In other words, where the modem should be connected, I have a network cable running from the computer connected to the internet.

You should still be able to share the printer with File and Print Sharing. If you can connect to the host PC for the internet, then it's just a matter of adding that service to the connection properties, and and adding the printer to the client PC.

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