ok I'm not a complete noob, I just havn't had the proper experience setting up a network. I tried searching for a little bit on this website but didn't find the exact situation I had. I'm sorry, but I've been in a little frustration and am just desireous to speek to someone who can tell me exactly what I'm doing wrong (or right).

I'm visiting my mothers house right now and I brought over my computer. She has a cable modem setup in her house to use the internet. In order to get internet on my computer, I have to unplug (power) the cable modem and turn on my computer. Make sure the modem is unplugged for atleast 10 seconds and then plug it in. Wait for all the lights to blink in the proper form, and then turn on my computer. Also, my computer has the IP settings set to all Automatic. Because the modem will send the ip configuration to the computer.

This is what I have to do in order to get internet to either her computer, or mine. So, this year I brought a router with me. It is a router we used at our house for our network. It's a Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Router ( model # BEFSR41 ).

Now this is where I am running into problems. I'm not EXACTLY sure how to make my modem, router, and computer speak with each other. I know to do this much (and I'm almost positive I'm doing everything right up to this point.

1. I set my computer IP setting to this is so I can log into my linksys router.
2. I set my router to "Automatically detect WAN configuration" (and yes, there's a ethernet cable connected from the WAN port to the cable modem)
3. I save those settings, and turn my computer off, unplug my router, and then unplug my modem.
4. I wait for ATLEAST 10 seconds (was told this by my ISP, charter) then turn on my cable modem. Wait for all the lights to blink in the proper format, then plug in my router. The router's lights blink for a moment, then work fine. I then turn on my computer.

OK. Here's the deal, I don't get internet from this point. Since my COMPUTERs IP configuration is the (it has to be this to login to my router configuration) I check my linksys router. I click the status page and the WAN settings are all up and running. It has successfully retrieved IP configuration from the DHCP from our ISP. Except I don't know which of these numbers to place in my computer IP settings. Like I said before, if I place my PC's IP setting to anything different, I can't login to my linksys router.

So what I'm asking is, which numbers to I place into my PC's IP configuration. I'm guessing this is where I can't get internet access. I can still just use the modem directly to my computer, but I don't know how to get the router to work in between. I don't have a linksys router manual here with me either. Can someone please help?

nvm I got it all figured out. I just reset my router with the button. It's all going now.

I'm assuming there was some past setting that was still present. Something. We live and learn.