My friend is currently having problems with her pc. She starts the pc up, is able to go online and after about 20 minutes it seems to lose the connection. I am pretty decent with computers and routers but i can't seem to figure out what to do. Does anyone have any kind of idea, any help would be appreciated. She is using a Gateway with XP home SP2 and a linksys router.

is it a broadband or a dsl connection?

a bell rings when you say 20 minutes - that is the lease time of an IP that I receive from my ADSL ISP. there might be a setting in the router that says something like "get IP dynamically from ISP" - my netgear router uses that as opposed to "Static address"

Alright i will try to see if i can figure out what i need to do to the router settings. Is it normal though for this to happen all of a sudden, she says it worked fine before, but maybe settings might have changed? Thanks for the help i will look at the settings. But if anyone else knows anything, please reply. Oh and she is using Cable.

i suggest u upgrade ur router firmware..get it from the internet. After that, configure ur router. see how it'll response.