Hello guys,

I want to know Home Networking. I have 2 computers on my home and below is the spec:

Comp one:
P-III, 1Ghz
OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98
CD drive 52x, USB port, LAN Board

Comp two:
P-II, 200MHz
OS: Windows 95, LAN Board

I just want to transfer some files from comp one to comp two. That is all. What is the extra peripherals requires to do this? Or redirect me to some website that providing this information. Hope somebody would respond.
Hellodear, India

You don't need any extra hard ware other than a router or hub. If you have an internet connection, buy a router, if you just want to share files, buy a hub/switch. You'll need 2 network cables and you'll need to put both computers in the same workgroup for filesharing.

After u linked each computers with a cable to the router/switch. here's a few steps that u should do..

(1) GO TO>>My Computer>>My Network Places>>Set up a home or small office network>>>>

(2)(you'll see a Network Setup Wizrd box.)

CLICK next>>

CLICK next>>

MARK 'this computer connects to the internet through a residential gateway or through another computer on my network', then CLICK next>>

Descript and Name your computer(Anything) then CLICK next>>

Name your Workgroup(must be the same as the other computer that you wish to be connected), CLICK next>>

Select whether u wish to share printer or not, CLICK NEXT>>


MARK '...Just Finish.....'. and Finish.

(Apply the same setup to other computer).

(3) For file sharing and transferring.
Right click on the folder that u wish to share, Click on properties>>sharing>>>
look for underlined words on 'network sharing and security', Then Click it>>Mark all the boxes in 'network sharing and security', Click OK.

(4) When u want to look for the shared folder, just go to 'my network places'..then click on 'view workgroup computers'. The other computer that being connected should be seen.

Good luck.