I am trying to use my virtual terminal for accesing Internet named as TELNET
under Dos.But Every time when we want to connect or open a site giving it gives the message
Could open a connection to www.goggle.com

Why it gives the error every time when i want to connect through TELNET.
HOW wi connect with internet using TELNET :!:

Re: Using telnet under dos 80 80

What are you typing into the command prompt?

Re: Using telnet under dos 80 80

With Telnet, you have a telnet server that provides your access to the internet. I can telnet in to my freesco router, then start links (a text browser) and get on the Internet that way.

Telnet itself does not provide internet access.

Re: Using telnet under dos 80 80

Look the Following Code....
struct emp
// CASE :1
struct emp a;// IT WILL GIVE THE ERROR
// CASE :2
CASE :1 is error & CASE :2 is Running.
i do't understand tell me with explanation.

Re: Using telnet under dos 80 80

That... is not a telnet command.

Re: Using telnet under dos 80 80

did you put the port number ???
i mean after telnet server port number
try using :
telnet google.com 80

Re: Using telnet under dos 80 80

anyone please help !!!!
I want to use telnet but the problem is whenever i open a host it shows a message connect failed.

i do this

start > cmd > telnet

and after the telnet window is open i use command.......

open (ip address)
then message shows could not open connection to the host, on port 23:connect failed

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