Hello everyone. I'm a newbie here (obviously I guess) and I am attempting to rebuild (or build) my wireless network.

A few months back, I purchased a Linksys router because I wanted to be able to play my PS2 online and have someone surf the net @ the same time. The game and workstation are both in the same room so that was no problem.

Call it beginners ignorance or just plain old ignorance but I didn't secure the network. I know that neighbors etc could hop on to my connection (I'm connected through Comcast) but I didn't care.

I also have another PC in the house about 2 rooms away that I also wanted to (eventually) connect to the router.

Today, I purchased a laptop and as soon as I hooked it up and turned it on, I was connected to the internet (and could also hop on to my neighbors' unsecured networks if I wanted to).

So anyways, I have now decided to do the whole shabbang - Secured Wireless Network.

So here's what I have so far on the (Unsecured) network:
1. Workstation 1
2. PS2
3. Laptop

And here's what I want on the (Secured) network:
1. Worsktation 1
2. Workstation 2
3. PS2
4. Laptop
5. Shared Printer (if possible)

My router only has 4 ports - but I figured I wont need a port for the laptop right???

Ok I figured the other thread was getting too long so I cut it short.

So I did the following:
1. Changed the SSID
2. Input new passphrase
3. Enabled WEP
4. MAC Address Filtering

(According to this link: http://www.dslreports.com/faq/12040 - Go to the Linksys link)

After doing all that (from the workstation that was original connected to the router), I wasn't able to see the laptop in the "Active PCs" list.

And that is my first snag in setting up my secure network

Was I suppose to be able to view it there?

Anyway, I was able to now view my network (the SSID I changed it to) on my laptop, but when I clicked it, it asked for the passphrase.

Snag # 2 came when I entered the passphrase, it tells me that I am unable to connect to my network - almost like it isn't recognizing the passphrase...should i be using the passphrase i created or one of the keys that was generated when i clicked "generate"?

What am I doing wrong? :(

Hi newtech, as for the first question, until the laptop is connected to the network, you probably won't be able to see it in the Active PC's list...as for the second part, you need to enter on of the keys that was generated instead of the actual passphrase...that should solve both your problems - the laptop should now connect and you should now be able to see it in the Active PC's list...
Hope this helps!

Thank you ft3ssgeek. I switched from WEP to WPA and that seemed to work just fine. My network is now secure! Yipeeee!

Ok - i guess i'll hop to the next forum with the rest of my questions.

Thanks again!

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