I use Linksys Wireless-G Adapter, model number: WMP54G.
I get lag spikes every 10 seconds or so. My ping suddenly jumps from 2ms to 1900ms, then it gets back to normal. I did ALOT of research on internet, and found that possible problem is Windows service called Wireless Zero Configuration, and that lag spikes disappear with disabling WZC, and using utillity that came with adapter instead of windows utillity.
I tried doing that, but I still have the same problem. Lag spikes arent noticable while surfing through web browser, but playing FPS games like Counter-Strike, Call Of Duty, Battlefield is simply impossible, because it lags every 10 seconds or less, and it is simply annoying. Before I bought linksys adapter I used Asus adapter, and asus utillity which came with it, but had the same problem.
Any help is appreciated!
Thank you.

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as you probly know wireless isnt really designed for things like gaming because it doesnt run smoothly enough. ive had the same problem with my wireless router. if you can it would be best to use a cable.

there may be a way to fix your wireless problem but i assure u that a cable is fast, reliable and they are best for gaming. (they're also surprisingly cheap)

i know this doesnt really answer your question( i too bought a wireless router with the hope of gaming on it) but wireless just isnt as good for games.

I use my wireless card and it works fine with games like Counter-Strike.

Well I cant connect with cable coz other computer is in the other building

just a stab in the dark... but i had a friend with similar lagging issues and he fixed by changing the MUT size. this is changed in the router and determines how large the information packets are. have a fiddle with that and see if it helps, u can always change it back again.

I think it's called MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit), it defines the maximum size of a packet that can be transferred in one frame over a network. I will try that thank you.

EDIT: I tried changing MTU to many values but no help :(

Ugh mate..... I have exactly the same problem.... So annoying, thing is i recently had my provider switched over but before i switched wireless was working fine on 'enemy-terrtiory' now i changed provider the lag is constant every 10seconds.... Please add me on msn miniman_midget@hotmail.com maybe if you find a way of solving the problem you could let me know... Thanks

I sussed the problem. Ok this is really simple but ive never played the games you play so i dont know if it works for you but i play wolfenstein - enemy territory and yes it is to do with your max packets so type the command /cl_maxpackets 30 and this will stop lag. Cheers add me on msn mate

Damn, I really hoped this will solve my problem, but there's no such command in Counter strike :( I added u on msn

Damn, I really hoped this will solve my problem, but there's no such command in Counter strike :( I added u on msn

OK, I had the same problem as you till today. That means spike lags in cs1.6 every 10 seconds, ping jumping from ~20ms to ~200ms for ~1s. I spent 1 whole day, trying loads of different things etc, and then i saw some guy talking about wireless card advanced options, so I made some changes in there just because I was really hopeless and bang! it worked!, so here it goes (btw i have same wireless adapter like you):

1) Open network connections
2) Wireless Network Connection -> Properties
3) Configure -> Advanced
4) List of changes:
Roam Tendency: Aggressive
Power Save Mode: Disabled
Minimum Power Consumption: Disabled
IBSS 54g(tm) Mode: 54g - Performance
AP Compatibility Mode: Higher Performance
Roaming Decision: Optimize Distance

5) Press OK, disable/enable your wireless connection and you're good to go!

NOTE: Windows Wireless Zero Configuration is making a spike lag every 1 minute exactly, we are talking here about wireless card problem which is causing lag every 8-10 seconds exactly. If you have lag every 1 minute, you have to stop Windows Wireless Zero Configuration service. Detailed how-to on this can be read on link below:


Also note that if you have any of those problems listed, its definitely NOT a hardware problem (excluding wireless adapter). I had same problems on my previous PC and on my new PC which i bought recently.
Im still not 100% sure what exactly is causing those lags, if its only this type of wireless adapter or if more of them does same thing, if you guys find any conclusion, please post it up.

cheers, i hope i solved alot of nerves for you guys, as it did for me ^_^

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