Hello, i recently formatted my HDD and then reinstalled Xp.

Theres been no serious problems, except i cant seem to run a internet connection on it.

I have a belkin 54g, and thats all plugged in via ethernet, and that allows the two other pcs in the house to connect to the internet, all fine, infact, im writing this on a laptop which is connected wirelessly to my belkin as we speak.

So, anyway, i want to make it work with Xp. All the lights are on, all green but Xp wont let me go on the web!!

So, i have to make a new internet connection, anyway run me through this, ive tried it before and nothing happens.
The belkin manual aint exactly the best as i cant go to the ultities page because i havent got a connection, i can however do it on my 2 computers fine!

So, any help?

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