Not sure what causes it but sometimes the computer refuses to shut down. The only way out is to physically press the Off button. I have XP Pro with SP2, Norton Antivirus and Norton Firewall, AMDI 64-bit processor with about 1Gig RAM, 30 Gig hard drive (master) and a 235Gig hard drive (slave). About the only software installed are a couple c++ compilers, Office 2003 and MySql server, but the computer is NOT used as a database server.

Any suggestions what to do about this problem? I just refrmatted and reinstalled everything about a week or so ago.

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thanks for the tip.

Can you by chance see what*.exe is causing it to not shut down?

It's probably spyware that refues to close. Run Ad-ware and remove some stuff from the startup to troubleshoot.

Spyware is a very valid possiblity, although I wouldn't reccomend Adaware.

Rather, use Ewido--it has a better detection rate.

Rather actually, use both. Cause not one single program will remove everything.

This is late but might be of use to someone who comes along even later :)

I get this problem frequently on my work PC. It won't log off or shut down unless the BRS is used.

I finally narrowed down the potential culprits to one: PccNTMon.exe.

If you have tried to log off/shut down numerous times and been returned to the desktop, try this:

Go into Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Delete is one way), select the Processes tab and look for PccNTMon.exe (if you happen to have Office Scan on your system), select it, and click the End Process button (ignore dire warnings), then you should find your system then heads to the shut down/log off process very quickly.

I recommend restarting your system, logging in, and then shutting down again immediately but using the usual process of Start etc, or whatever you normally use, so that the system gets a chance to go through the process as it should.

Since in this specific case you have Norton AntiVirus, my guess is that is what's got twister knickeritis and is petulantly refusing to allow a shut down because you might be a virus.

Off the top of my head I can't tell you what executable you should look for - it'll probably be something like NavMon.exe or somesuch. If anyone else knows the correct .exe, please chip in, even at this late date!

HTH someone,


You can find out the culprit and remove it from Windows startup if it resides there. When you want to shutdown, open up your task manager and end all the processes running by your username. See if you can find the process that is not responding..

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