Hi friends....

I would like you to help me in configuring my netwrk in a small office environmnet....
We rae going to open a new branch of our office which is abt 6-7 kns from my present office.....let me come to the issue...

We have purchased a linksys ADSL2+gateway for the new location.......i need to extend the coonectivity frm my present office to my new location...we have both wired nd wireless coonectivity in our office......is it possible to extend both to the newlocation......

in the new location we do not have any LAN connection.....we have gt d dsl activated nd i have connected it to adsl2+gateway(router)........the ip for the dsl is 192......my local area network ip 172........

Pls let me knw how should i go by......

waiting for responses


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Shajeeb, I know of no wireless technologies aside from the cellular telephone providers that will allow wireless connectivity for the range you are describing...I would recommend looking into other connectivity technologies if you are looking to connect the two offices...sorry...



can some one help me ive got a netgear wire less router and i can not get it to connect my laptop to the internet ie had it working two weeks ago and it wont connect anymore and ive reset the router but im still a novice at network


reconfigure the netgear router.... try to ask assistance with netgear's technical support. they will surely be assisting you

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