Hi Everyone,

I have setup an access server for my Cisco home lab. I configured all of the loopback ports on my routers and switches and created a host table on the access server to reference each router and switch by name. I can ping all of the routers and switches by name but when I try to use the name to access each router or switch by name the access server gives me an invalid input error. Has anyone had this problem or seen this error trying to fix my access server problem on my home lab and I'm stuck. In between that time I'm dealing with my two kids (boy that is 4 and little girl that is 4 months) they are both sick. Took them to the doctors and they both have a virus, what was weird was that in the past they used to prescribe you an antibiotics and send you on your way. This time they told me they both had a virus and it would have to play itself out and just to monitor them both for a fever. I don't know if every doctor is doing this, but to save yourself a trip if your child is sick with a cold that looks like a sinus infection and they don't have a fever over 105 don't take your child to the doctor because they will just send you home. Another thing I found out was not to give your baby Ibuprofin because it messes with kidney development, use Tylenol which the doctor recommended. Just a note to all you parents out there.


I havnt use this but i know this kind of probl. only accurs in two conditions:

i-U r Inserting wrong syntax
ii- Console Settings are not properly set for this...etc