-Upgraded a dlink dsl 300+ modem to a netgear adsl2 dm11p modem.

-Pc 1 running vista will connect fine.

-Pc2 on wireless (netgear wgr614v3 ) running XP will connect but within 60 seconds they both lose their connection. I have disabled the firewall on Pc2 but it made no difference. I have configured the router to have all the mac addresses on the ‘safe list’ but i mean nothing has changed with this device so im thinking it shouldnt be the problem.

-ALL lights on both hardware devices indicate that there isn’t a problem.

Im reluctant to play with this vista box, 1 because i don’t know what im doing and 2 because its been nothing but a bloody nightmare!

ALL that has changed is the modem so updating firmware etc doesnt seem neccessary..

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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What type of wireless are we talking? is your router set to broadcast b and g signals or just g? if both, try setting it to the one that you need.


Its under channel 11 g&b I have no idea what it's meant to be...

Also - both machines can ping each other.


Let me get this straight; You have one box hardwired to your network and one box that is wireless? The wired one has no problems but the wireless one does?

If it says that b and g are enabled, try selecting just g.


Both devices apparently are dead even know they both had power.

Case closed.

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