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Xbox 360: GTA IV Lost and Damned DLC Date Confirmed


I admit it, I love a good TLA. That is a Three Letter Acronym to you, guvnor. I have probably used BTW (By The Way) more than any other in close on 20 years of emailing and online discussions.

BTW, did you know that today, right now, there are two of these acronyms that are guaranteed to get the juices flowing and the tempers flaring when mentioned in quick succession? And they are: GTA and DLC.

Grand Theft Auto IV smashed all the records when the game was released earlier this year, and remains a real hot potato as far as the Xbox 360 line up is concerned. DLC, in case you had not cottoned on yet, stands for Downloadable Content (yeah, I know, but the world of the TLA does not insist on such strict conformity as requiring three words for three letters.)

There has been a great amount of hype over whether the first pack of downloadable content for GTA IV will be made available in time for the holiday season, and much shaking of heads in the gamer community when the answer became quite obviously a big negatory one.

Then one of the kingpins behind the game, Dan Houser from developer Rockstar, gives an interview to USA Today in which it is revealed that the DLC episode will be called 'The Lost and Damned' that it will feature a member of the Liberty City 'The Lost' biker gang called Johnny Klebitz. ""Johnny is a very different character than Niko, with a very different background" Houser says.

Oh, and the DLC pack will be available on 17th February.

Confirmation, yay!

February is not too much after Xmas, yay!

It could cost as much as twenty bucks though, boo...

Expect another media backlash when it finally arrives, no doubt. My favourite of recent times being the idea that chugging beer and watching porno is less harmful for kids than playing GTA.

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