The ps3 and xbox which is better to play?

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Both are fun to play. But i would prefer the Xbox. Xbox also have the kinect and microsoft is planning to upgrade xbox and kinect soon. Ps3 is good but following recent news, sony got hacked by hackers and details were stolen. I have both ps3 and xbox and thank god the hackers stole nothing from my ps3.

The ps3 and xbox which is better to play?

I have both. I always play the PS3...never the Xbox. Graphics seem better on the PS3

Get a gaming computer. There is a way to run games from all consoles on a pc.

Lol. A gamin computer has more choices and easy to move between the controller using a mouse and keyboard than the analog sticks. But there is a problem, thecoolman. The Original poster want to discuss about Xbox and PS3 so gaming computer is out for the moment:)

well, they're propably choosing between the two consoles because of how many games that console supports. Pcs are much easier to use. But if you don't like pcs, go buy an xbox 360 kinect. And if you dont like that, buy an xbox.

commented: Like that thought. Reputation for you:) +9
commented: Stupid advice. -1

PS3 - No Final Fantasy on Xbox.

Xbox - No Fable or Halo on PS3

PS3 - Better graphics, quality.

Xbox - Kinect

PS3 - Better in general, the controls are better, the console is just cooler. Nobody likes using a Xbox control.

Nobody likes using a Xbox control.

Not true.

Not true.

Nobody but you, likes using an Xbox control.

I have to differ. I own an Xbox 360 and like it way better than playstation 3. In fact i own both but prefer playing on the xbox than on the playstation. REasons the games are better. And you do sound familiar Aramant. Like i have seen you before.

Seems like i am mistaken.

Actually, i'd prefer Xbox
it seems Microsoft has a stronger background than Sony

Ya, i pretty agree. Microsoft has a long standing history comapre to Sony and the recent SOny hacking give sony a bad reputation already.

xbox is more popular now. But I prefer computer. Dell has a spacial laptop for playing game.

ps3 is what i like the most...

PS3 - Better in general, the controls are better, the console is just cooler. Nobody likes using a Xbox control.

PS3 controlers are too small for my big man hands and you forgot to mention that Xbox live (which does cost) is better than Ps3 online (which is free) due to the amount of players, competitiveness and reliability.

if your a gamer who likes playing online i'd suggest xbox but it you want a blueray player to just play the good lookin campains of games on i'd suggest the Ps3.

ps3 will mean you dont have to buy a seperate blueray though

I believe that the PS3 Slim is a way better get.It has 120 GB so you can download more movies, games, and music, and you can play PS2 games on it so it is easy & comfort to use.The graphics is very high.Features of PS3 are much longer life, better graphics, and better exclusive games.

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