Hello people.
I have my son's HP dv6 pavilion entertainment pc that does not seem to want to boot but I can access the bios. I have noticed a lot of problems with this type of computer. It has the new windows 7 and is still under warranty. I have tried to recover the HD with the f11 with no success. I have checked the bios and can not find anything amiss.
Specs:- intel core 2 duo cpu P7450
2.13 GHz
system board ID 3628
I ran the tests and came up with results this is from the bios diagnostic log
the tests say: memory test pass (in yellow)
Primary hard disc self test: Hard Disk 1 Quick 303 (in red)
Smart Check: Hard disk SMART passed (in yellow)
Then when exited it says "Start-up Test" Failed "Hard Disk 1 QUICK" (303) (all in blue)
Pirmary hard disk self test (f4): 'Quick test' Hard disk 1 Quick (303) (in red) and 'Full test' Hard disk 1 Full (305) when exited it says "hard disk test" failed, "hard disk 1 quick" (303) "Hard disk 1 Full" (305) in blue
There seems to be light on the screen as the HP logo comes up with the option for pressing esc for BIOS and F11 (if pressed says system restore)
Oh all test say failed.
I have tried the "hard reboot" with removing the battery and power cord and pressing the power button for 30 sec, no success.
The HD light is on but does go out. I do get some beeps sometimes over 25 of them but only sometimes. The qucik play is all lit up. From my experience (303) is a keyboard failure but this seems more serious. I'm thinking he needs a new hard drive. Do you know if I have done all i can to see if i can help him before he needs to take to to HP???? I would like to know if there is anything i can do to help it because I have a HP dv2000 and mine is out of warranty, so fixing mine will not be cheap.
I hope this is enough info for a reply....Please Help!!
the_topcat :(

Apparently, a 305 error can be the result of the hard disk being too full so there isn't enough space for critical system files. If your machine is relatively new, then that probably isn't your situation. You should try to get into safe mode. If you can, it means that the disk is still working and it will give you the chance to do some backups if you don't have everything backed up already. Either way, you should take it back under warranty but chances are that you may lose anything that you didn't back up.

The laptop is new, and I can not seem to be able to get into safe mode. He has back up's but I don't know how old they are. Not that I'm to worried about what he had on it (heha) he could have some of his year 12 work on there i suppose, that would not be cool to lose but........I will be suggesting he get's it fixed under the warranty but I was hoping i might find out if i could fix it for him, incase mine decides to do the same thing. I was thinking i may be able to make a boot disk from mine to see if his will boot, not sure if it will work but i can try. So 305, what else could it be? He could have that much on it it has died, since he moved out I'm unsure as to his usage habits and what he puts on. Thank you for your reply and hope for another one soon. the_topcat =)

hello ,

i think if u have any important in the hard drive u can ,take the hard disk keep it in an other system now try to boot ,like this u "may" have access to your hard drive . and try to run a disk check to ur hard drive ."may be there are bad sectors it wuld be corrected"

I have exactly the same symptoms and I get the same error after exchanging the hard-disk 2 times each time with a known working hard-disk. I am beginning to believe it is not the hard-disk that is the issue.

It turned out to be abad HD after all. the others did not work because the correct HD drivers in the bios were not present

I have the same problem with my Hp dv7 running windows 7. Since it is still under warranty I called Hp, ran through all the steps that they said to do and they are sending me a new hd and recovery disc. Only problem is that I've downloaded dozens of movies and thousands of songs. I don't mind losing all of it along with all of my personal files (never made a back up because I never thought I would need one /: ) I'm just worried that I will be investigated/charged/get into trouble for having all of this 'pirated content' because in exchange for receiving a new hd they require that I send them my old one for 'investigation'. Does anyone know if I will run into trouble in returning my tainted hd, or anybody have personal experience in this matter? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I don't know what to do... Thanks -K-

Hard Disk Test Failed-Hard Disk 1 Quick (303) votre HDD est mort
your HDD is dead
HDD can't formatted

sorry for you and sorry for my english

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I had similar issues , this is what i did , i removed the harddisk and placed it back then i did a recovery by pressing F11 and did a factory install which allowed me to login back to the system and now my system is working fine, but i am afraid to do a restart as i fear i may not be able to login back ................ this is very strange behaviour but thought of posting it to the group as i suspect it may not be harddisk failure as i am able to login back after factory install... any help /suggestion

While window restarting error as Hard disk(3F1)
while checking hard disk error get Quick test(303)
how to fix these error???

HP should do something about it .. what is this all same error ?? even me .. damn i lost everything !!! now i have to pay for a new HDD !! DAMN !! i will throw my laptop out of the window !!

HP should do something about it .. what is this all same error ?? even me .. damn i lost everything !!! now i have to pay for a new HDD !! DAMN !! i will throw my laptop out of the window !!

good idea ,but be sure to open the window first ,

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