i have my old monitor crashed from1 meter high..not it dont work almost solid black and just the power buttoon lights up..soar there any possibility to fix it?

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Is this a CRT or flatpanel (LCD/Plasma) display?

If CRT, then it should be repairable, though the cost will likely be more than replacing it with a new LCD flatpanel display. If plasma, don't bother - run, don't walk to your local computer store to replace it with an LCD display. If LCD, then it may be repairable, but get an estimate first - it may be possible to replace it with a new LCD display of higher quality at a lower cost.

so are there any possibility to fix it?

sure, but not here on a help forum

Im pretty confident, based on today's prices in typical LCD displays, that you'll find it may not be worth repairing this CRT monitor.

not sure where you all live but were im at ,you can get new 20"led/lcd for just over 100.00$
and used 19 and 20 lcd for 40.00$ ,sometimes .so i say neithor is worth repairing

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