i am from indian and very fresh from completing my masters degree. i have done project in networking.i clearly want to know what's the basic things i need to do to get a good job.. which are the steps to take and if needed which extra courses i need to learn and which certificates i need to get.
can i get a job easily through consultancy?
please help me out, i am very poor and need a job badly to look after my parents :( :( :( :(

Congratuations on your Masters degree. For you to get some work in the IT field, you really need some experience. However, most jobs require experience so what do you do? Most people take unpaid internships to get their foot into the door. This is the easiest way to get a job with a corporation.

If you are unable to do that, you may need to simply start applying for hte most entry level types of IT work, such as working in a Call Center/Service Desk, or in the field working as a field technician.

Once you start getting experience and create some social network connections, it gets easier to find work in this field.

Certifications are good, but they are not as they were 10 years ago where they were highly valuable. Too many people were able to obtain certifications without experience and companies paid a high price by highering people with a high salary, but no knowledge or experience to actually do the work.

Try to get a job at your university in the computer lab, work as a tutor, get involved in user groups until you land that first job. You need to be assertive and do not waste time. Continue to educate yourself while you look for a job.

If you are interested in Netowrking, get books, build a virtual lab at home, buy cheap gear and start training yourself.

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