Hello All,

Kindly move this thread to an appropriate location. I apologize for the inconvinience. But, lately, (i guess last 15 days i suppose). I have crashes in Mozilla Firefox(details provided below). And the weirdest part is, in my crash report, all say:

Just switched tab to DaniWeb

I am really surprised. Does anyone else have the same problem?

Here are the necessary details:




Please check under the "comments" tab. There are a lot of other crash reports, but these were the most recent.
Have any of you faced this problem?

PS: @Admins: Kindly move this to an appropriate thread. I am mostly on the C/C++ forums here. And the crash occured on that. Maybe it is irrelavant. Kindly excuse me for that.

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Well, these crash reports may mean something to Mozilla engineers, but most of us are clueless! Have you tried installing a slightly older version? Or newer if this is a bit dated? Alternatively, try Chrome as suggested by johhny-marshal. I use Chrome now pretty much exclusively. It also has occasional problems (what complex software doesn't), but it would be a good test-bed to determine if your problem is specific to Firefox or not.


Thanks for the replies.
I guess it is specific to Firefox. It doesn't crash on Chrome. Using Chrome for the last week or so.

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i use the same version of Firefox as you and it has never crashed on me ,and I use IE10 along with it and have no problem with either one .can say for some reason ,not really sure I don't like Google chrome .to plain I think .lol


I don't like Google chrome

Well I'm not a fan of it either. But im just forced to use it now. :)

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