Hello All,

Kindly move this thread to an appropriate location. I apologize for the inconvinience. But, lately, (i guess last 15 days i suppose). I have crashes in Mozilla Firefox(details provided below). And the weirdest part is, in my crash report, all say:

Just switched tab to DaniWeb

I am really surprised. Does anyone else have the same problem?

Here are the necessary details:




Please check under the "comments" tab. There are a lot of other crash reports, but these were the most recent.
Have any of you faced this problem?

PS: @Admins: Kindly move this to an appropriate thread. I am mostly on the C/C++ forums here. And the crash occured on that. Maybe it is irrelavant. Kindly excuse me for that.

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I would suggest you to leave Mozilla and start using Google chrome for better experience on internet surfing.

Well, these crash reports may mean something to Mozilla engineers, but most of us are clueless! Have you tried installing a slightly older version? Or newer if this is a bit dated? Alternatively, try Chrome as suggested by johhny-marshal. I use Chrome now pretty much exclusively. It also has occasional problems (what complex software doesn't), but it would be a good test-bed to determine if your problem is specific to Firefox or not.

Thanks for the replies.
I guess it is specific to Firefox. It doesn't crash on Chrome. Using Chrome for the last week or so.

i use the same version of Firefox as you and it has never crashed on me ,and I use IE10 along with it and have no problem with either one .can say for some reason ,not really sure I don't like Google chrome .to plain I think .lol

I don't like Google chrome

Well I'm not a fan of it either. But im just forced to use it now. :)

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