As far as i know, for desktop, sleep transitions to hibernation(hybrid mode) so even if power is suddenly cut off. All running documents or processes are saved and will continue running when the desktop is turned back on.

Now for Laptops. If the laptop is put to sleep and suddenly it loses power. Does it also make an auto hibernate mode? or any running applications are lost in the process?

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Sleep mode is a very low power mode where the laptop will maintain memory and sessions using as little power as possible. Network connections are usually lost in sleep mode but can be maintained with proper settings.

If power is lost, your laptop's battery will maintain the sleep state until it runs out of juice.

Hibernation mode is where a pc will write a special file to the HD that contains all the info from memory and running sessions. The PC can power down. When the PC starts again, it will check for the hibernation file and if it exists, will load the contents and should get you back to the same state. Network connections can not be maintatined in this mode (for obvious reasons).

Thanks for that tidbit. However, what I'am focusing on is on sleep mode of a laptop. In reasons that it indeed run out of battery power, or say you are just using an AC line(no battery inserted for that matter, and suddenly the AC line got disconnected(obviously power is disrupted and laptop is turned off) sames goes for battery mode as power runs out. Again while on sleep mode not hibernate mode. Will running process still resume on start up? or will it if those instances happens, will it go automatically on hibernate mode?

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